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About Us - Focus Trend Creative Agency
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About Us

Who we are, what is our aim?

Fashion Trend Focus System Advertising Agency is a full-service, integrated marketing communications and public relations, event planning agency, mainly specialised in marketing of fashion and beauty industry brands. You can ask us anything, impossible does not exist for us, because our team consists of professionals with a wide variety of ideas, we are all creative and professional. Our goal is always to reach the satisfaction of our customers and together create an impressive, innovative things that promote the ultimate development of the brand.

What will be the result?

High quality, amazingly beautiful and dynamic work for our customers, which highlight the brand's strengths. We are confident that working together is the fruit joyous to watch, hold, read, experience, live with.

Why are we different?

Cause our passion for fashion and beauty. The management and creative team consists of highly trained professionals whose ultimate aim is to make the brands working with as successful as can be and beyond. Upon request, we are breathing with the brand throughout the development of the strategy until the results captivate the audience. We select the most fitting and tailor-made form of communication for you to launch and rocket all who select us into the world of premium brands. The point is to find a specific brand image, which allow you to stand out and make your company memorable.

What you can expect as a partner?

Our main aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers, and help, be with them through their development path. We strive to in our close cooperation with our partners meet their needs and know their specificities, and efficiently assist their development with ideas so the final result always be a common joy.

The story

Several years ago, Ildikó Balint, founder of our company has realised that there is no creative agency in Hungary, who would specifically be involved in marketing of the fashion and beauty industry. It was a major necessity, since these areas need to be addressed with particular sensitivity in order to result to be as special as can be. So she began to organise the team around her to create an agency in Hungary that could deal with high-quality fashion.

The team

Our team works together for more than ten years, have sufficient experience and references in fashion marketing, PR, social media and event management. Thanks to decades of experience and hundreds of mandates, it has evolved into one of the most creative and most cohesive marketing agencies in Hungary.


Ildikó Bálint

Creative Director, Make-Up Artist & Stylist

Respected expert among the fashion and beauty industry professionals. She always impress the companies and customers with her highly developed creativity senses, as she has professional expertise as a stylist and makeup artist. She set up a creative team, which has been successfully operating for many years as a creative agency that has specialised in fashion and beauty industry.


György Marinkovits

International Relations, Corporate & Creative Consultant

25 years of creative and innovative approaches in many areas of the economy in 14 countries, 7 acquired language with significant experience and international network capital. For every problem he has several ideas, and for all ideas can implement multiple solutions. He love to organise events, on varied locations, with magical culinary and visual experience.


Anna Viola Molnár

Copywriter, Social media manager


Andrea Tímea Portik

Communication expert, Social media manager


Zoltán Kovács

Web Developer

The digital artist of our creative team, a ferryman who our dreamed visual solutions transfers into the world of zeros and ones. His marks are precision, striving for perfection, innovativeness, teamwork, characterised by strict adherence to deadlines, customer satisfaction and online world.


Krisztián Andráska


Since 1995, he is working as advertising and fashion photographers. For him each and every campaign is a work of art, from which he likes to reach the perfect outcome, as for many others invisible, he can find inspirational motives. He always gather inspiration from the given situations and opportunities, not preparing in advance for what will focus on because the fashion photography is not just a job but an art. His references campaigns such as L’oreal, Amnesia, Saxoo London, Rouge Avenue.


Tamás Stenczel

Graphic Designer

Established as a designer, working in advertising as a graphic artist who loves to create. He has more than twelve years of experience in the field, and a number of outstanding artworks are associated with his name. Creation of a good, creative design creation will need adequate atmosphere. For him, there is no impossible!


Andrea Török

Graphic Designer

She works as a design editor and a graphic designer for 15 years in the world of printed media. Her work is a contemporary typographic design, maximally adapted to the customers’ needs and satisfaction. Her main profile is creation of the Fine Art albums and design of smaller advertising materials and brochures. With her craftsmanship and contact base, we can provide a reliable, fast and fair printing solutions.