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Our services - Focus Trend Creative Agency
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Our services

All-in-one services – tell us what you need and we will transform your dreams into reality!

Everything starts with a spark… and we will do the rest. Hungary is ideal place for realisation of your dreams and needs, with historic and picturesque environment, modern shine and harmonic landscape, beautiful models and places, European standards, low prices and delicious food. We would be delighted to arrange all parameters of your campaign starting from:

  • campaign definitions and tools, your travel and accommodation requirements
  • photo and video shootings with artists of their own fields
  • locations, models, styling, set, catering, crew, casting, photo- and video shooting arrangements
  • highest level digital post-production and finalisation
  • fashion photos, social media visuals, video production and printed & online media

What does advertising means to us?

You can think on many different things when imagine your marketing campaign. With Focus Trend System you can calmly rely on our expertise as we create, handle and follow your campaign from the earliest moments all to the realisation. Not only that we will prepare the first steps and planing, we will create whole verticuum of your marketing strategy. The deci-sion and control is yours, there are no limits with us. In following we will present some ex-amples of our renowned Focus Trend System quality solutions.

  • Planning and performing of complete advertising campaigns
  • Managing and realisation of printed and online advertising materials
  • Shooting and broadcasting of advertisement movies
  • Outdoor campaigns optimisation and visuals
  • Planning and realisation of social media campaigns

Marketing with Focus Trend System.

A strength of a brand lie in its recogniseability and uniqueness. If you select us to assist you on this journey of creation of unique and immediately recognised appearance, we will be more than happy to help you. We know what means an adequate marketing. With our assis-tance, you can achieve to your clients see your brand as unique and memorable, by this es-tablishing a leading position for your products. We use tools like:

  • Marketing and branding
  • Unique and efficient visuals planning
  • Marketing communication advisory
  • Designing of catalogue and leaflets tailored to your brand

Why is a good photo so important?

In a photo, a composition, excellent background and lighting are the most important factors. Small parameters, invisible to a common eye, create a perfect picture. Luckily, we never run out of ideas, that will make our photos the ideal solution for representation of your values, as photography is not a job for us, its our passion and our hobby. We can make many photo solutions for you, like:

  • Fashion and advertising photo shootings with stylist and make-up services
  • Fashion and catalogue photo shootings
  • Advertisement and product photos
  • Event and party photos
  • Lookbook
  • FineArt albums

Video contents with Focus Trend.

Today is almost unimaginable to have photo contents without support of a moving, video materials. We can organise and perform creation of a professional video content, tailored to your needs and your best online communication. We are ready to create advertisement, event or werk movie for you at any time. In our portfolio you can find Instagram, Facebook compatible short movies that will make your online appearance professional and memora-ble. Some examples:

  • Advertisement movie shooting
  • Fashion and Fashion Show movie shooting
  • Video spot (clip) shooting
  • Werk movie shooting
  • Social media moving and animated pictures creation
  • Movie and TV productions with stylist and make-up artist service

Online appearance of your company.

Today is hard to imagine that an enterprise can be successful without strong online pres-ence. Our aim is to create a website and manage all online appearances gathered around it. Secondly, we will help and guide you in the labyrinth of the social media, where we can build most efficiently picture of your brand and can bring real fans to it. We can manage all types of online tasks that you would need, as few samples show:

  • Website design, maintenance
  • Web design
  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites creation, managing and content creation
  • Online communication advisory, optimization

Key to popularity and efficiency lie in personal touch with your partners, clients, colleagues and all those who are interested about your brand. We at Focus Trend perform organ-isation of planing all sorts of events tailored to your brand, like corporate, private and com-pany events, fashion shows, promotional events, etc. We are able to organise events on the whole territory of Hungary, like:

  • Exhibition organisation and performing
  • Event organisation and performing
  • Fashion shows
  • Promotions
  • Hostess service